USB Microcontrollers - EFM8UB2

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I thought I should get started with USB Microcontrollers. Im interested in making something akin to a sound card, and wanted to see if I could use one to switch an LED on or off.

The documentation I've seen so far is a little patchy with a lack of reference schematics. I put a minimal one together based on the test board provided and the good news, is that the one I built is actually detected by my computer! Brilliant. I thought it was then a case of just programming a driver, but it appears that I need to program the chip itself?

What I envisaged was a simple app where I could press a button to the LED on or off and I could facilitate that through a self made driver. But it appears that Im wrong and I need to program the chip itself? So I gather then, again with the lack of reference schematics and only wanting to incorporate the minimal amount of equipment on the board, I gather I either need to get the chips pre-programmed, or I need to use a JTAG or C2 interface or something to program the chip.

Could anyone point me in the right direction for an ultra simple schematic that will help me achieve this and confirm whether I can do what I want to do without having to program the chip? Are there better, nay, simpler chips available?