USB-C receptacle to USB 2.0

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Dear AAC - maybe I've just been staring at this too long but need some help on what should be a trivial problem.
Trying to upgrade a USB C wire hanging off my device to a USB C receptacle. Using a USB C to USB C cable

Only using USB 2.0 so have only wired through GND, D+/D- and VBUS. Schematic, for what it's worth, is attached.
When cable is plugged in nothing is detected.

Do I have to short the two flipped D+ & D- on the receptacle? (as in D1+ connect to D2+ and D1- connect to D2-)?
Not populated, but I have landing pads for resistors to pull up and down the CC1 & CC2. Have tried every combination with 56k resistors and does not change how my port is detected.

Any suggestions greatly welcomed as I suspect I'm missing something easy.