Urgent! 2 Hours Left For Exam

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It was really hard there will nothing change if i study 2 weeks. The question that i sent is looks easy after i have seen the exam questions. By the way thanks your all help :)


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While we are giving you a bit of a hard time, the lesson is very real. In the future, try to be more proactive about seeking assistance well in advance. It might not pay off, but waiting too long almost certainly won't.


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Helpful Hint: Don't use the word "Urgent" in the thread title. That word does not have the effect you might think it has.


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One hint on your diagram ... all those counters can be j/k flip flops wired to mimic the functionality of D, Toggle, and SR flip flops.

Glenn Holland

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Electronic technology is constantly changing and the old adage "You have to run like hell just to stand still" applies.

The same is true for studying. In fact, I read at least 20 articles per day on power electronics (which is one of the slowest changing sectors of the field).