Up for Review: Create a PID Controller on the NI myRIO—The Software

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Hi Mark,

I made a number of revisions. The following are remaining issues:

1. In Table 3, could you revise "Anti-clockwise" to "Counterclockwise"? That's the standard term in American English, and we generally prefer American spelling and usage because our audience is primarily American. There are also instances of "centre" (instead of "center") in the tables, and if you want to revise those as well feel free, but it's not as important because centre vs. center is less noticeable than anti-clockwise vs. counterclockwise.

2. Also in Table 3, could you revise "T_ALL" to "T_ON + T_OFF"? I think that T_ON + T_OFF will be more clear than T_ALL.

3. The text around Table 3 needs some clarification.

"In my case, I chose an offset value of 0.012 which resulted in the following mappings for velocity control." I think you need to specify that the offsets you add to the center duty cycle correspond to the maximum angular speed in each direction.

"Any intermediate values, therefore, represent a fraction of the velocity in a given direction." I think you need to clarify that duty cycle values between the center value and the maximum offsets will produce an angular speed that is some fraction of the maximum angular speed in either direction.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your constructive feedback, as always. I've clarified the text around Table 3 just now and will address the figure itself later today as I do not have the original table file on me at the moment to recreate the image.

Image has now been updated too. Let me know if there's anything else that caught your eye and many thanks for all your help getting this polished!