Unknown IC Identification

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Unfortunately, one or more capacitors on this board decided to self-destruct and then fry several components surrounding them. The manufacturer no longer produces the board so I am forced to reverse engineer the board.

I have identified 14 of the 15 different components with this one being the last.

I believe the board is a LED dimmer/distribution unit. It is from a light and the 36V 8.9A LED driver preceded this board in the circuit.

The label on the IC is 61E6 SYHB. It is approximately 3 mm x 3 mm. Pin 3 is connected to PWM on the board.
61E6 SYHB.jpg
Any help is appreciated.
Board front  - damaged.JPG


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From a brief search it looks like SYBC is the manufacturer, since images of various 10-pin ICs have that marking. Presumably 61E6 is the IC type code, but nothing relevant showed up in my search for that.


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I have also checked the web for SYHB, there are lots of 10 pin IC's with this 'logo' but not including 616E.... AliExpress.



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Thank you. I have done much web searching. The most promising was when I searched SYHB on Mouser and it returned syhb Vishay Mosfet in the search. I am pretty sure this isn't a mosfet. Most likely it is a voltage regulator as pin 3 is connected to a PWM connection and pin 10 is connected to the gate of a FDD5614P mosfet.

I will continue to search.

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Thank you Wolframore. I don't know how you found it but great work. I really appreciate all of the answers. Now on building the new board.


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the 4 digit alphanumeric appears to be some sort of date/mfg code... if you look online they all have different codes but all have the SYHB which states in datasheet it is the marking.