E-book Correction Unijunction UJT page may need correction

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Studying the UJT WEB page, trying to revise my basic understanding of the UJT, I found that the explanation on image 03506.png may need revision.

The image show VRE with a wave image that may be wrong.
In fact the wave voltage on RE 100k should look the same as VCE (just below VRE) the wave image on RE should be the same as the one on CE because signal wise both parts are in parallel. What the actual image shows is rather the wave image on resistor 470 ohms, which is the signal between VBB and B2, which should be approximately the reverse of the wave on resistor 47 ohms (difference being the current through E).

For clarity and better understanding I think this WEB page should be revised so that further readers get a clearer explanation of the UJT.

Additionally, It would be great to add another wave image showing the different current paths like ICE, IRE, IB1 and IB2. Seeing both Voltage and Current waves would greatly enhance comprehension.

please comment...