Underwater motor for a project, 3-phase - any workarounds?

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I am in the midst of gathering parts for an upcoming project, and something I seem to be quite skilled at, is ordering the wrong parts, or overlooking parts.

Today I received the propulsion for my RC boat. I thought when looking at 12V DIY motors, it's a given they are DC. Turns out no.

Are there any workarounds for this issue? Because I really love the motor housing, it's perfect. The entire motor can be underwater, not just a propeller, making it perfect for both a bow and stern thruster.

The issue: I wan't to hook up a GPS to the system, and a magnetometer, and build a "Hold Position" function, even though it's windy and a bit of waves. So at the hearth a microcontroller will be running the show.
One solution is to use two frequency drives, but those things are expensive and clunky. Sure hope not to resort to that, though I see no other solution.