UHF (860-960Mhz) reader

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Hi Guys,

Can someone help me how to start with building UHF(860 to 960 MHz) reader 64 byte, components & software to be used and any other recommendations.

And how to test the UHf reader, is there any protocol to test the reader like in a confined environment.

Thank you in advance!


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That will be a very challenging project. What is your experience and skill level in high frequency digital electronic circuit design and programming? Have you previously completed any similar projects?
We will not design the hardware and software for you but we will try to answer specific questions about your project.
What have you done so far?
Have you written a specification on what you want it to do?
Have you researched existing devices?
Do you understand all the circuitry, components and software that will be necessary for this project?

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Hi Keith,

Thank you for the reply!

I have good experience in building embedded products , I designed and worked on integrating 433 MHz data transmitter/receiver with microcontroller, I do have good knowledge on PIC Microcontrollers and built some more embedded products( basic products like people counteretc) based on PIC and i have built/designed antennas for 13.56 MHz range.

Now I got a requirement to build a UHF (860- 960 MHz) reader and the data transfer should be of 64 byte/32 byte.

I researched some products, components and microcontrollers to begin with this product, but I'm still not confident to proceed with the components I choosed , so wanted check with you guys where to start and wat components/ software to use.

For now I choosed to use ARM controller/processor and there are many brands that provide IC for 860-960 MHz frequency generator, upon research I found the most difficult challenge is cancel noise and maintain impedance of 50 ohms.

It would be so helpful to point me to right direction to begin with this product.

I am happy to listen to any advise and recommendations.