uC controlled wave generator with envelope curve...

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Hi, I want to ask for help and advice. Do you think that the system outlined in this block diagram can work (no puller resistors, noise filters, only sketch)?
I would like to use a uC to control for a frequency generator in the range of 0-10MHz, where I would like to add a envelope that would also be provided by uC. A7 is the wrapping curve, A6 is a low frequency that A5 enable/disable, A4 controls VCXO that A3 enable/disables. The wrapper is laid by IC1 as an analog multiplier and by the end is a high-frequency operational amplifier to place the level. There is no antenna in the end, I would like to use it to record a characteristic curve where the thing to be measured can be modeled with RLC, but I do not know whether the measured characteristic changes from time to time. Not a scientific measurement, just a curious person's curiosity, output range ~ 0-5V ...
(I'm not an electric engineer therefore ask a help and advice, thanks you!)