Two antennas interference question

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Have to decide about how to install the two transmitters in 9 meter boat. One is 25W 155-163 MHz transmitter with receiver, other is 162 MHz 5W AIS transmitter with receiver. If to install the common antenna, one will kill the another. Calculated that if to install one antenna in 11 meter high mast and another at deck level, the induced voltage will be about milivolt scale, thus wonder if kill the receiver channel. First question, do there may be discussed some other options along with this??
Second question - if the least thunderstorm risk, the upper antenna is surely highest object thus the earthing it I see being mandatory. But if that happens night-time when only safety against two ships collision is safeguard zone given by AIS, cannot be that in the 3 heights of upper antenna toward aside all transmitted signals are well ecranated? Like pot with the Faraday cup from above. Thus, will the AIS work in this case?
Info: AIS is those gps coordinate transmitter showing what large ships are present in the near dozen of miles.
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