Transit of Mercury 2016


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Photoshopped. Everyone knows that there are no hour marks on the sun and Mercury is non-existent, and was invented by the illuminati.


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This started back in Apollo 11 when they hid the real reason we landed on the moon.

095:17:28 Evans: Roger. Among the large headlines concerning Apollo this morning, is one asking that you watch for a lovely girl with a big rabbit. An ancient legend says a beautiful Chinese girl called Chang-O has been living there for 4,000 years. It seems she was banished to the Moon because she stole the pill of immortality from her husband. You might also look for her companion, a large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he is always standing on his hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree. The name of the rabbit is not reported.
095:18:15 Collins: Okay. We'll keep a close eye out for the bunny girl.