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Hi guys thanks for taking a look.

i want to drive a relay via a transistor operated by arduino pin. this is what i've come up with
ive put the arduino pin on a 5 second blink but but i am having no switching thru the transistor, in fact there seems to be a bypass right upto
the relay. I havnt implemented the relay yet just thought id test the transistor first and when i measured after R1 im getting 11.78v steady.
I've checked the Arduino output and thats doing what it should.

any suggestions??


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hi dandy,
Consider what the Base to Emitter voltage will have to be to turn the transistor off,, it is always On at the moment.


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Use an NPN (e.g. 2N3904) as Dd said, with the emitter to ground and the relay coil between the +12V and the transistor collector.


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I would have just used a NPN with the E grounded and the C going to the relay (the high side of the relay going to 12V). With a 10K resistor going from the B to the uP.

Now, if you need to keep the logic from the uP the same, than connect a PNP like you show it in your drawing but with it's E going to +5V and it's C going to the base of that NPN mentioned above via the 10K.

Depending on the output architecture of the uP, if I can use just a NPN sometimes I'll put a inverse diode from the uP pin to +5V or adjust the value of the base resistor of the NPN to reduce reverse current.