Trailing edge dimmer circuit

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    Dec 31, 2015
    Hi, I am working on a project which part of it consists a dimmer circuit for CFL & LED lamps and I was hoping for some circuit design advice.

    I have trialled a leading-edge dimmer circuit (attached) which works reasonably well with dimmable CFL & LED lamps however the CFL lamp buzzes when it has been dimmed to a low level, the LED lamp works ok. Both lamps are Philips lamps.

    I wanted to compare the performance of this circuit with an IGBT/MOSFET based trailing-edge circuit which I believe would be more appropriate to CFL & LED lamps and to also see if the buzzing noise would reduce.

    Can anyone help me with the design of a trailing-edge dimmer circuit or even provide me with a reference circuit?

    Rightly or wrongly I scoured the internet for the best leading-edge solution I could find for CFL & LED lamps however I'm struggling with the trailing-edge circuit.

    Many thanks,