Tough talk with electronics graduates

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In my experience I met some discussions with electronics graduates that I can not easily forget:
1. - They asked me to calculate what resistor to put in series with this LED(they gave the LED datasheet) to be powered at 12V.
- And ......?
- Well, from where do I know?
(discussion for hiring at Hella)

2. - One question was what is the frequency of the oscillator
- Waw......I would have known if I had this subject
(discussion on the street near a faculty)

3. - How can we measure the wall socket voltage?
- With voltmeter
- But the current?
- With ampermeter!
- Here's an ampermeter. How do you measure?
- No no no, do not put the ammeter;s testers directly into the socket!!!!!!
(hiring interview)

And yet some who say that I am the worst man in the world .........