TL082 dual supply problems

Alex Pummer

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I am using some TL082's for a project. I have them connected to a dual supply of which is ±12 (sourced from a 24V 3A supply)

If I look up their datasheet, and I click on this one (The TL082xx) it says:
View attachment 188372 It clearly says the absolute maximum is ±18. 12v is heaps under that maximum.
However, when I connect the +supply of my rail splitter to +Vcc and my -supply to -Vcc, the chip heats up very quickly and gets very hot.
I did some digging and come across something that said along the lines of ±xx is the range. For this, that would mean the max is ±9 which is a total range of 18. This doesn't really line up with the datasheet however, when I give it ±6 (half of 12v), it doesn't heat up. So maybe it is a range.

This is were I left off for a bit. I came back still as confused and decided to google the whole part number (TL082-CP). This has been a mistake I have made before. I found no datasheet because the '-CP' is included the datasheet above. I did loom at the specification in the mouser page though and this is what I found:
View attachment 188375
It definitely says ±12 on there.

Why is my chip heating up so much when powered with ±12? There is no other circuitry with the chip - just on its own. It might be that the chip was faulty but I'm hesitant to use my other one because if it is a fault with my circuit then I will damage the other chip and I will have none left.

just take a fast scope -- min 100MHz -- with alow input cap. probe and look the output pin of the amplifier, it may oscillate at very high frequency.


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Make sure your dual power supply shorting link is connected correctly.
Also make sure the one of the opamp inputs has a reference to ground.

If the shorting link is missing or there is a high resistance (or no connection) at opamp to ground, the opamp supply will be at 24v.