Those very gone surplus stores in Silicon Valley and beyond...

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Visited a few days ago a store that has some toys. Well kept, and they are proud of their organization. Good to see there is at least one left. I felt like in Disneyland again. They happen to have a web site. ---> at 5021 Edgewater drive, Orlando, FL 32810 1407 628 5634
Worth visiting if you happen to be in the area.


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In Ontario, Canada, there are a number of surplus stores, which I believe are all related.

Forest City Surplus, London, Ontario
Brantford Surplus, Brantford, Ontario
KWSurplus, Kitchener/Waterloo, Brantford, Cambridge, Owen Sound, Stratford, Ontario

And of course, there is Princess Auto with 51 locations across Canada.

For electronics supplies, there are six Sayal walk-in stores in Ontario. They also have a surplus section.

Brantford Surplus even stocks Whadda components.
Brantford Surplus Whadda.jpg