Thesis Project: Bioplastic Production Machine

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    Jun 15, 2015
    So title thesis is done and we are now on the prototyping stage.
    I will explain our project and feel free to suggest the components that we can use.

    Summary: This is a bioplastic production machine using banana peels. It is based on the research google science fair 2013 and we are going to use the ingredient for testing. It comes with a blender to make the banana peels into pasty material. Of course it is after putting other chemicals needed for it. It has a pump to transfer this kind of material to the mixer. Also it has 3 containers wherein the other chemical ingredients will be put. After mixing all the ingredients, it has a molder with a lock, a conveyor to move the molder and a flatterer. The transferring of the molders are manually done. The heating or drying process is also not included in this machine.


    In the upper left of the image: it is where the banana peel paste will be put. It is actually a blender but we changed it into hand blender because it is better than that kind of blender.

    The container will be pour out in the container in the middle where in a pump will get these pasty ingredient and transfer it to the mixer, the one in the right side. Our problem is it is too sticky and we do not know what kind of component to use for the transferring of this kind of texture.

    Those other 3 containers is the other chemical ingredients. Those are actually liquids so we have valve (?) to regulate the amount that transfer in the mixer.

    In the lower part, it is a molder and a flatterer in which we are somehow can't imagine how to molder it due to its sticky texture. and how are we gonna flat the output.

    The output is just raw and the transferring it to the oven for the finalization is not part of the project.

    Again the problems:
    1. How can we transfer the sticky material to our mixer. What kind of component can be used..
    2. flatterer part. Since it is sticky and automatically done, I don't know how we can make it as flat and thin as possible.
    3. What kind of valve to read the amount of liquid for the chemicals.

    Thanks for your help! This is a table-sized machine. It is not really should be ultra fast, big or highly tech. We will be using arduino as its micro and the rest, we can use simple components that is practical.

    EDIT: oh by the way, the image is done through photoshop. We will of course revise it.
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    Sep 17, 2013
    1. An Archimedes screw?
    2. Non-stick (PTFE?) rollers, or an extrusion slot?
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    Sep 30, 2009
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Thank you all! Really helpful!
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    Nov 23, 2012
    Google "twin screw extruder" and "plastics compounding"

    Once extruded, you can put a die at the end of the extruder to make flat films or sheets.

    Also, if your extruded product is still soft, it can be extruded onto a conveyor belt and rolled (google "calendaring". A rolling process to make uniformly flat)
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