Thermal controller need help

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Hi ,
I purchased a Temp controller that I am trying to make a Hakko 472 desoldering pump work when adding a chinese Aoyue B1002A desoldering Gun. So far I have managed to get the Gun to heat up but I cannot control the Temp. I am not 100% sure about my connections. See photos.

24 volts Ac to the Bridge rectifier
Gun heater to T12- and T12+
Gun thermal sensor to SW- and SW+
Gun Ground to ground.

The Gun just continues to heat up with no temp control. Included with the controller is a Diode and I believe it is a tilt switch switch? What is the diode for?
Forgot to mention the Chinese seller has no idea how to hook it up.
Any constructive help would be appreciated. please dont waist everyone's time with sarcastic comments..

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We've been through this before, the Hakko uses a thermocouple where as the Aoyue uses a Thermistor, try reversing the Sensor wires round.