The Canakit 2 and Pic 16F877a (?)

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So I was trying to install drivers for my canakit programmer. Unfortunately there are no new CanaKit 2 programs. I then resorted to installing MPlab and attempting to program some sample code to blink an LED. I found the dot asm code on another forum. My programmer was identified by MPlab but my computer froze in the process of uploading the program to the programmer.
I want to eventually learn assembler, but I like to be way ahead on my plans. My question is this; is it possible to use MPlab on linux or should I look elsewhere for newer chips to program? I have a bunch of these 16f877a chips in the parts that I have on hand. That is the reason I ask. Thanks in advance for your help.


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I don’t know what a CanaKit is but it sounds like it is obsolete. The 16f877 is also obsolete. Consider tossing all of it in favor of a Microchip Curiosity board. They are dirt cheap, handle a wide variety of PICs, and come with a built-in debugger. MPLABX supports them directly, the assembler and XC8 is free. Runs on Linux, too.

As long as you’re going to invest the time, why not use something current?

Just my .02 and good luck!


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Canakit (mine at least) looks different but should work the same. The link supplied by be80be is where you will find 'PICkit 2 V2.61 Install A'.
FYI... PICkit2 will run independent of MPlab. First step would be to run PICkit2, on it's own, and make sure it recognizes the pic16f877a.
Good luck and have fun!