The Boeing 737 Max 8 - How To Sell "Damaged Merchandise"

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Glenn Holland

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I'm surprised this red hot topic hasn't been posted on AAC.

I don't know jack about aircraft, but from what I've been reading, it seems that center of gravity (CG) is the main problem with the 737 Max 8. Because the CG is actually behind the wings, the tail tends to sink and that's why there is some kind of special stabilization system to compensate for the rearward weight distribution. Apparently, the problem with abnormal weight distribution doesn't change much when the plane is fully loaded with passengers and luggage.

If that is the case, I'm wondering if the Max 8 could be converted from passenger to freight and that would allow the heavier weight to be placed forward and lighter weight to be placed toward the rear. That would balance the plane and allow it fly normally without compensation.

Right now, the Max 8 is damaged merchandise and maybe Boeing and the airlines could save the whole fleet from the scrap heap by re purposing it. Otherwise, Boeing is going to be hearing that giant flushing sound as the company's profits go down the toilet.