The 10 biggest physics and astronomy lies from 2023


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They left out “A nuclear fusion reactor has produced more energy than was put in.”

This was the most widely disseminated and believed lie.

Perhaps that was not in 2023? I don’t remember exactly when.

I also would give honorable mention to “Quantum computers will soon change everything.”


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I was referring specifically to the claim that the Big Bang Theory has not been refuted. It has, and it's dying. That process is painfully slow - people are holding on - and it may well take a generation if a better theory doesn't come along soon to displace it more quickly.

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More than 10,000 research papers were retracted in 2023 — a new record
The number of articles being retracted rose sharply this year. Integrity experts say that this is only the tip of the iceberg.
The 50,000 or so retractions recorded around the world thus far are only the tip of the iceberg of work that should be retracted, integrity sleuths say. The number of articles produced by ‘paper mills’ — businesses that sell bogus work and authorships to scientists — is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands alone, quite apart from genuine papers that might be scientifically flawed. “Paper-mill products are a problem even if no-one reads them, because they get aggregated with others into review articles and laundered into the mainstream literature,” says David Bimler, a New Zealand-based research-integrity sleuth also known by the pseudonym Smut Clyde.