Tenma 72-7230 User Manual / Service Manual

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I am purchasing this piece of equipment and have only been able to find a data sheet so far. https://datasheet.octopart.com/72-7230-Tenma-datasheet-60696.pdf

Could anyone be so kind as to help me find a manual and hopefully a service manual for this specific model or at least one very near to it.

This will be my first oscilloscope. I get the impression that they are not very highly regarded. However I am paying < $10 for it. So. Cant hurt right?


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This is a combi-scope, i.e. it's a combination of an old analog scope and a digital scope. The analog BW is 50MHz but the sample rate is only 100MSa/s which means you shouldn't use the digital mode to look at signals with frequency components over 35MHz or so.

Not sure there are any manuals around, I believe Tenma is just one of the brands these cheap scopes were sold under.

Compared with even the very cheap entry-level scopes from Rigol and Siglent the specs are awful, but if it works then $10 makes it certainly worth it.