temperature effect - related to motors

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Hi . i want to study the effect of temperature on size of some small motor objects. for example a bearing with external radius 3.075 mm and internal radius 2 mm and thickness is 1.6 mm . I can calculate the volume difference but i don't know how to understand the radius changes of bearing .


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bearings are not "simple things" to design. you'll need a whole thermodynamics and physics library to do it, is all. or some books on the topic of "selecting the right bearing" which en large are by experience in the field less by calculation.

mass of metal (larger size) absorbs and dissipates heat better - but take far longer to cool if over-heated

more bearings bear more load but also cause more drag

your not mentioning the type of metal, the type of lubricant if any. i mean your question is just totally off the wall