Technics SU CH-7 repair #2

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Hi Astrocurious, have you resolved the CD tray problem?
Because i have the same system, and apart the overheating and dimming problem already mentioned, i have the same problem and i confirm that the CD release doesn't work because it remains stuck to the cushion. Could the heat be involved? Being the cd very hot when i take it out.
This will be my first project, i hope to get it back in proper functioning conditions!
Thanks in advance for the precious help

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Hi Dranye,

I did fix the CD issue. The top of the CD had stuck to the foam cushion.

All I did was to gently push the top of the CD around the edges of the cushion and it came away. Try pushing in two places at once as the CD may just tilt if pushed in one place.

In not sure heat would cause this. I think it’s just because I had the CD in there for a long time

good luck, these are great music systems