Synthesis of a decoder for 7-segment LED display

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Greetings.I need your help regarding to Synthesis of a decoder for 7-segment LED display.Here is the task:
Synthesize a 7-segment indicator decoder – a combinational logical schematic with three
inputs and one output corresponding to the canonical disjunctive equation which matches the
task data.Realize the schematic on a breadboard and verify it.

Here is my number:Capture.PNG

There are no dedicated restrictions regarding the assembling, as well as the schematic of
the decoder. This is why all available types of ICs can be used: 4069 – six invertor IC, 4073
(if available) – triple 3-input AND IC, 4082 – double 4-input AND IC, 4075 (if available) –
triple 3-input OR IC and 4072 - double 4-input OR IC, as well as decoders 4555 and 4556.


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Am I correct in assuming that this is homework?

If that's the case, you need to show your best effort so we can see where you're having difficulty and attempt to guide you to a solution.
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