Substitutes for Alps EC11B1524209 encoders in Yamaha A4000 sampler

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I am looking for replacement rotary encoders for my Yamaha A4000 sampler. It is Yamaha part number V4441800, which is Alps Alpine part number EC11B1524209, according to the service manual.

I am looking for a substitute, as it looks like this exact part is not easily available, or has been replaced with a newer model encoder. Places like Mouser sell EC11 series encoders with no minimum order required, for about 5 USD/piece, but I lack enough electronics knowledge to be able to find a suitable replacement. I don't want to risk burning out a circuit board in my sampler by picking the wrong parts.

The current encoders sometimes behave strange, and move values in the wrong direction, jump values by 2, or skip detents, when turned.

I considered buying Deoxit spray (which may or may not help), but the cost of new encoders is only a little bit more money, and would be a more definite and permanent solution.

I found some info about the Alps EC11B series

This data sheet shows similar models that only differ by the last few digits.

It looks like from data sheets of similar parts:
EC11= "11mm Size Metal Shaft Type Encoder"
B= "horizonal mount"?
I'm guessing the rest of the number means it's a 30-detent, 15-pulse, actuator config= flat, actuator length= 20mm, torque of 12 +/- 7mN・m, operating life of 15,000 cycles, with a push-on switch with of a certain amount of travel. I don't know what the rest could mean (revision? pinout?). Rating for EC11 series is 10mA 5V DC.

My original part seems to have about 0.5mm of push-in travel, with a D-shaped shaft.

Does anybody know what encoder to buy, that will have the same pinout, same function, same/better reliability, and same fit?