stumped -pushbutton control of motor

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I am trying to make a motor cycle 1 revolution and stop with the push of just one RC button. Currently I have a bump switch at the stopping point to open the circuit. Another push of the button rotates the motor enough to move off the bump switch and close the circuit again. Finally 1 more push of the button and the motor cycles 1 revolution. How can I a do this so 1 push of the button generates one revolution and stops and the next push generates 1 revolution and stops?


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Use a set of contacts on the switch operated by the bump on the cam that are open when the bump triggers the switch. Have these contacts is series with the supply to the motor so the motor will always stop in that position. Have a set of contacts that close when the button is pressed in parallel with the switch contacts operated by the cam. when the cam switch is operated the motor will be stopped but when the button is pressed the motor will start but it will not stop when the button is released as it is now being powered via the cam switch. The motor will complete the revolution. The pulse from the button must be long enough for the motor to move off the bump but not long enough for a full revolution of the motor.



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If you want one and only one revolution, you will need a brake. That can be a physical brake or, depending on the motor type, it can be electronic.


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Always missing information. Is motor AC, DC , gear reduced, low power< 5 W, type of load, & RC =
radio control ??


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If there is some reason that the RC switch can not stay on long enough to clear the bump then a timer
like a 555 one shot can stretch the on time. A driver may be needed & OR'd to motor side of bump switch.
Motor current ? Output RPM ?