Strobe light repair

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Hi, I need some help repairing this, the + and - connectors are brokenIMG_20191213_205054.jpg
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Not a problem.. I cant quite see where the + wire goes, but to take the looks like you can follow the - lead where it has torn (?) ..
You can make out the slightly raised area of the copper track remaining under the white solder mask. Simply scratch an area of the solder mask away, to reveal the copper track beneath and solder to it.


To stop this happening again however you would be best drilling a hole through an unused part of the board, and feeding your connection wire through from the LED side, and then solder it to the back side, so you take a bit of the strain out of the wire, it if gets pulled... 2 holes and stiching the wire through would be even better.


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I need some help repairing this, the + and - connectors are broken
What does the power connector look like? What does the housing look like? What did the connectors look like?

You can attach wires to any convenient + and - point (make sure it can handle the current you need). What you use to connect to the power source depends on what its connector looks like.