STM32F103 reading INA219 register using I2C

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Hello. I have been working with this INA219 chip for a while. I am able to read the output voltage and set the registers. But I am having troubles reading back the registers to check what I have written. I have been studying datasheet for a while and I still cant fully understand the process of reading the register. I am using HAL functions for i2c reads and writes. Link to datasheet:
write and read functions:

void wireWriteRegister (uint8_t reg, uint16_t value)
    printf("register = %u, write value=%u \n",reg, value);
    uint8_t i2c_temp[2];
    i2c_temp[0] = value>>8;
    i2c_temp[1] = value;
    HAL_I2C_Mem_Write(&hi2c1, INA219_ADDRESS<<1, (uint16_t)reg, 1, i2c_temp, 2, 0xffffffff);

    //HAL_I2C_Mem_Write_IT(&hi2c1, INA219_ADDRESS<<1, (uint16_t)reg, 1, i2c_temp, 2);
    //HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_I2C_Mem_Write(I2C_HandleTypeDef *hi2c, uint16_t DevAddress, uint16_t MemAddress, uint16_t MemAddSize, uint8_t *pData, uint16_t Size, uint32_t Timeout)


    @brief  Reads a 16 bit values over I2C
void wireReadRegister(uint8_t reg, uint16_t *value)
    uint8_t i2c_temp[2];
    HAL_I2C_Mem_Read(&hi2c1, INA219_ADDRESS<<1, (uint16_t)reg, 1,i2c_temp, 2, 0xffffffff);
    //HAL_I2C_Mem_Read_IT(&hi2c1, INA219_ADDRESS<<1, (uint16_t)reg, 1, i2c_temp, 2);
    *value = ((uint16_t)i2c_temp[0]<<8 )|(uint16_t)i2c_temp[1];
    printf("register = %u, read value=%i \n", reg, *value);

Lets say I have written 2 different registers and wish to read only one of them:
uint16_t read_val1=0;
  uint16_t read_val2=0;
  uint16_t read_val3=0;
  // Set Calibration register to 'Cal' calculated above
  wireWriteRegister(INA219_REG_CALIBRATION, ina219_calValue);


  // Set Config register to take into account the settings above
  uint16_t config = INA219_CONFIG_BVOLTAGERANGE_16V |
                    INA219_CONFIG_GAIN_1_40MV |
                    INA219_CONFIG_BADCRES_12BIT |
                    INA219_CONFIG_SADCRES_12BIT_1S_532US |
  wireWriteRegister(INA219_REG_CONFIG, config);

From what I understood from the datasheet, In order to read the register, the write command with 0 data has to be initiated to show what register you want to read. After that, A read command is initiated. A write and Read command difference is the first bit of the slave address ( either HIGH or LOW). Could someone give me any tips how do I properly initiate those two commands to read back a register.. I have tried to initiate just read command and It always returns a 0