STM32 platform evalboard: XFR-L3 KYRNN

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    Dec 26, 2014
    Hi all!

    I want to share my version of evalborad for STM32platform -XFR-L3KYRNN. This is project based on industrial grade, super high-quality components and is targeting those persons who have tasks for rugged industrial requirements. There is no a lot of headers and bare PCBs, but a lot of unique transceivers, high quality connectors and better approach in the layout.


    Based on STM32F439VGT6 this evalboard offers Ethernet with TDR based on TLK106, RS-485 with termination and channel inverting based on MAX13451E, CAN with split based on MAX13041 and also such things as MRAM MR25H256, uSD card connectivity and more. It's considered to work in -40...+85 temperature range and seriously protected against ESD/EFT. Files may be downloaded from here.

    This board is for specific applications and is not set against any eval-/devboard, but may serve a good job in developing some high-end industrial applications.

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