stand alone powered subwoofer

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aight guys i got a fun one.

i found a JBL 500 watt 4 ohm subwoofer for cheap and i like to put it paralel with my surround sound.
now ive been studying circuits that i have found on google but they dont come close to what i whant to make.
i want this to have a male and female 3.5mm jack and just connect in paralel to my surround and create an awesome tremmor while playing games or watching movies.

now ime not a big star on audio in fact this is the first serious project atempting anything sound related.
i was thinking in the lines of simply having a single N-channel mosfet to crank it but i bet it whont be that simple
so if anyone got a nice circuit for this or found something of use that i could replicate that would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance


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Does this subwoofer have it's own power amplifier?
If not then the easiest is to buy a subwoofer amp, such as one of these.

Does it have an enclosure (which you need for proper bass)?
You can also buy those here.

And you want to get the sub signal from the two main channels, not the surround channels.