Stabilizing a USB +5V (in reality anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5) power source to a true +5V source.

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I want to come up with a circuit that is powered from USB that I can use for multiple devices with a microcontroller on-board. Mainly having to do with sensors.
* Analog to digital converters using 5 volt reference.
* Digital to analog converters using 5 volt reference.
* Amplification circuits using multiple op amps that are powered from 5 volts (as well as -5 volts coming from a charge pump), and using 5 volts with a voltage divider to get an accurate amplification.

These are some examples. As you can see, an inaccurate 5 volt reference will lead to inaccurate sensor readings.


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Because for under a buck I get a 1% (or way better for mo $$$) fixed voltage that doesn't have glitches from anything else in my circuit and that doesn't vary over line and load variations.