Squirrel cage rotor

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Hi, 1st post on this forum I hope someone can help. I have a 230v single phase capacitor start induction motor. It drives an earth vibrating compactor plate. The field coil is burnt out and the rotor is a squirrel cage. What I need to know is should the rotor shaft be insulated from the cage. If I do an insulation test between what I assume to be the cage solder fixing on the rotor end ring and the rotor shaft there is a short circuit there. I don't know if this is ok as I don't work on induced voltage rotors. I mainly work on DC Armature motors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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No the cage represents shorted turn windings as it is.
Modern rotors have the aluminum cage cast in then turned usually, prior to about 4 to 5 decades ago they used copper with soldered end plates.