Space Vector Modulation - Center aligned PWM

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Suyog Mahajan

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I'm working on Space Vector Modulation, having the hardware - ATmega 32 and MOSFET module. I've gone through the theoritcal part of algotrithm, in which I'm not cleared with few sections.-

1. After creating 6 center aligned PWMs how the 3 phase voltage is generated?

* Only attached with non-inverting PWMs

Each phase deals with pair of inv and resepcted non-inverting PWM. So how this works in the back end. Surely, I'm lagging with my basic electrical concepts.

2. There are 6 MOSFET forming 3 pairs for inverting and non-inverting PWMs. I was referring this document -
and got stuck with this table. completely no idea about this Capture2.PNG

Thanking you in advance