Sourcing and Sinking Current


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This is a real can of worms as different explanations are in use. I like the one above but think it is in the minority or is it the other way around ? Sometimes the term is avoided by using " high level output current or low level output current ".


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It generally means the output switching the +ve is Sourcing, example is a open collector PNP, if the output switches to common, then is is sinking, an example is a open collector PNP.
An input with the same qualities has the same label.
This is a PDF that explains it in the PLC/Industrial control context, which is common to most applications.



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What is the meaning or sourcing and sinking current?
What is the concept behind the terms?
Source means to supply current from a power source to a grounded load.
Sink means to conduct current from a source to the common/ground point.
From that I would think the concept behind these terms for those functions would be apparent.