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Hi, when I start to bulit my circuit to process the weak signal from magnetic sensor, I wonder if software filter could replace hardware filters. I run notch filter on Labview to attenuate 50Hz noise but output signal amplitude drops slightly. If I should place filter before amplifier. If I must add a hardware filter to my circuit ?


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Generally speaking, a software or digital filter, will require the input bandwidth to be limited to some maximum frequency to avoid a problem know as aliasing. This CAN only be done with an analog filter at the beginning of the chain. There really is no way around it.


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If your signal is a low-frequency signal (<15Hz) then many of the delta-sigma A/D converters will sample at a rate that cancels out the 50Hz or 60Hz hum. Microchip's MCP3422, for example.
If it's not - then you can design your input amplifier with limited bandwidth (design it as an MFB filter with gain), which will perform the anti-aliasing function.
It is very difficult to place a digital filter before the amplifier, as that would require an A/D that would operate at very small signal levels.
The digital filter is easy - too get rid of 50Hz, just delay the signal by 10ms and add the delayed signal to the sampled signal. That produces a comb filter that will get rid of all the harmonics as well as the 50Hz!


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Or is it really 100Hz from power supply ripple?
Tell us the frequency range of your signal, and we'll be able to help.