Solid state relay

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Will this sch. work properly? or will it make any harm to micro controller or to relay? please help.



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you DC rails are referenced relative to AC L N lines - is this a joke?
i don't think your **transistor can be driven (reliably) like this (jumpy ground over R||C ) unless **it's optically isolated

besides your electrolytic *capacitor and *µC see the AC peaks through the C (of R||C) that i wouldn't recommend for neither of*

if it's not a latching relay it will use out it's nominal switching cycles -- say
100k at ? less than an hour
1Mcy quarter of a day
10M 2.3d

? why to bother -- the rest of the circuit starts failing after weeks or months ?


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someone is going to say

"......... blah blah....... no direct mains ...... blah blah ..... forum rules .... blah blah ...." :eek:

and block this thread. :D


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if he changes his full waves to whatsoever "more efficient power supply" there'd be some minor cosmetics left

the folks just don't wan't to realize or check out that no matter
is there active or reactive **pre-load
if you wan't to have continuous current
you drop your excess voltage and power on it**
for steady 12V you loose/waste 92% of power
and that only if you'r 12V circuit is 100% efficient