Solar powered light problem

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I have a solar powered light in which the bms was damaged so I replaced it with another one but after that when there is sun it comes on even if I pressed the off button....also when there is no sun it turns off.can I know what the problem might be?


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I wouldn't expect the "BMS" to affect the night-light function. Maybe whatever fried the BMS also damaged something else?

Many of the small "solar charge controllers" include switched outputs for lighting. Lights are off during the day, and can be programmed to shut off some hours after sunset or stay on all night. Other nice features are LCD voltage display, USB power for charging your devices. I got one a while back and used it to top up a bunch of old car batteries, powered from about 7 watts worth of solar panels. This one looks similar:


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The problem may occur due to Incorrect Wiring a damaged controller or defective switch. I think further troubleshooting will be needed to find the actual causw.