Software/Spreadsheet for transformer calculation


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The question is a bit unclear, and it is not likely to be in a spread sheet format. What portion of the design do you seek a tool for? Size?, Power? Frequency Response? Efficiency? Linearity? Or saturation characteristics?
My point being that transformer design is a broad area and so there are a lot of different formulas that get used.


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Guys, does anyone have any software or a spreadsheet with calculations for transformers?
For a 50/ 60 Hz power transformer, use the generic formula>
1 Sq Inch Core area = 30 VA, VA is proportional to Square of Area => 2 Sq Inch = 120 VA
Winding is ~ 6 turns / Volt
This is for E-I metal core laminations at the normal power frequency.
Not for air / powdered iron / ferrite cores.


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Audio transformers are a bit more demanding than average power transformers because they need to avoid distortion. (Transformers used to be a very large part of audio power amplifiers.) And still, avoiding distortion of non-linear operation is still a big deal. Transformers for assorted other signals also have additional requirements.


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The particular purpose of the Transformer changes everything.
The Frequency of operation changes everything.
The Style of Core changes everything.
The Material that the Core is made of changes everything.
The Duty-Cycle changes everything.

For Mains-Powered Power-Supply Transformers,
purchase a commercially available Toroidal-Transformer, with an adequate VA-rating,
then wind your own Secondary(s).
Add Secondary-Turns until You get the exact Voltage You need.

There are general "guidelines" for other Transformer applications.



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OR, for an easier to deal with arrangement, and mounting, use a "Signal" brand power transformer. Good quality and honest specifications.