Software for transcribing guitar solo's ?

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I play some guitar sometimes, and I have a pretty good ear, and years ago I always wished I could slow down my tape player to figure out guitar solo's by the best technical guitar wizards on the Planet. Then later on PC I can slow down MP3 songs, and it helps some, but sounds pretty bad overall.

So what's the state of the art in using ADC/DAC for determining the pitch of a particular instrument in a recording ? My sound card is very good, and so is my oscilloscope, so what programs are needed for the analysis to really determine what notes are being played ? I bet a lot of "A.I." tech/programing can be used to do what our ears can do easily....I wish my eyes could spot the music on my scope, it looks like a mess of course.

Surely someone has made programs by now for just this purpose, and used a lot of programming to spit out a neat and presentable output in the form of tab or staff music.

If I had an army or a lot of money, I could also round up living suspected world class shred guitarists, and ask them...what they think they played that day
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