Smoke Detector Switch

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I am trying to fit a smoke detector to my alarm system. Today I bought the Yale E-SD2 Smoke detector.

I didn't check the specs when I was in the shop, Only to get home and find that it is a stand alone system. I want to connect it into my Telemetry alarm system. I need to have a set of normally open contacts that when close will trigger the input to the Alarm.

Is there some way I can make a small circuit that will give me a closed switch when the Buzzer sounds.

I think the sound comes from a Pizo Transducer. There are three wires RED,BLACK, and GREEN.

I have no idea how to do this


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I would look for the number on the chip, for a datasheet or other circuits used, looks like its an Optical type, so probing the receive pin to see what happens when it detects smoke.