Small 3.7v battery charge indicator PSP MOD

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I am aware there are all kinds of these builds and questions all over the internet. I, however, know nothing about this stuff and read conflicting reviews about different designs and I do not know enough to understand why a design is good or bad. I want to modify a PSP external battery pack, I want to add a battery level indicator. The last image is the type of design I was thinking, maybe drill some holes in the back for the LED's, secure a small board/circuit to the inside underneath the battery. Is something like this even possible or safe? will the circuit or the battery get too hot? can I put a layer of hot glue over the circuit to help shield it? Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated. If anyone has ideas on design and execution, I am all ears.PSP Pack 1.jpgPSP Pack 2.jpgPSP Pack 3.jpg