Slotless motors- Advantages

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DC motors have always suffered from low RPM 'cogging', The common DC brushed motor has used multi-pole and skewed rotor laminations to counter act this, the low pole count of BLDC/AC PM rotor motors also exhibit this to a great degree.
This effect is eliminated when used in robotic/CNC application using a high resolution encoder and PID feedback to a suitable controller.
But now the Slotless motor is using a solution where it is eliminated where feedback is not used.


Interesting. Is this a solution to a problem anyone is really having IRL? Where precision is necessary, cogging torque is readily compensated for by reading back EMF - even with open loop control. Perhaps this is a step in a good direction, though - i.e: away from conventionally wound motors. It wouldn't surprise me to see someone soon come out with a powder iron core motor with the windings cast in place - or maybe poured into a 3d-printed one. As we start driving them to higher and more variable frequencies, that seems a logical next step.