SLA Float charger

ian field

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what guys think about this SLA float charger ??
is it good and safe to leave battery permanently with it ???

thank you
Various commercial "intelligent" chargers do this - the Optimate charger I have throttles back to 13.6V to maintain the battery with minimum gassing.

If you go for your own design; I'd suggest a comparator that trips at 14.4V and flips a bistable that sets the charge voltage down to 13.6V

The absolute simplest is a constant current charger that switches in a 13.6V shunt regulator - but you have to feed from the shunt to the battery via a rectifier so the shunt can't discharge the battery.

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i need a float charger for SLA 2.2 AH to 12 AH and i have to leave the battery plugged to the charger permanently
any circuit or link suggestion please ?

thanks again