Single shot with oscilloscope - when stop collecting data

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Hi all

If i set my oscilloscope to trigger on a voltage with one shot triggering, how much signal will it collect?

Until it is full? Or until it triggers again? Or something else?

Rigol ds1103 digital, if it matters.



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It should sweep once and collect all that data for that sweep. You can then take the rest of the day analyzing that one sweep.


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Not a Rigol user myself but as I understand it, data collected (the amount of it, I mean) would be the same every time, the sole difference being where inside a certain window time, the triggering parameter would be shown.

In other words, you can decide where on your screen you want to see the trigger thing.


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One interesting thing about digital oscilloscopes is that you can see what occurred before the trigger (backward time travel o_O). This is possible because the scope is continually taking and storing the data and all the trigger does is determine what portion of that stored data will be displayed.
Thus there is a horizontal position trigger adjust as well as a vertical position adjust.