single cell lithium charge IC - i could use a hand please...

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hey fella's

I'm designing a circuit and need to add a single cell lithium charging circuit onboard. I know there are a lot of premade solutions on the market but in my case I need it to be as small as possible.

so I decided to purchase some DIO5508XS8 IC's made by DIOO.

I would have used the TP4056 IC's but not readily available from the USA at the moment.

The DIO5508 features are perfect for my application. 5V Input and a programmable charge current up to 1A.

The typical circuit diagram is fairly straight forward and uses few components. (circuit diagram below)

In the PDF it indicates which resistor values to use to set the different parameters. which I believe the the main one I need to be concerned about is one that sets the charge current... and since my rechargeable lithium coin cell doesn't have a built in NTC thermistor I just need to GND the temp pin to disable it.

Basically I'm hoping someone with the know how / knowledge could take a quick look at the datasheet and just confirm that the only 2 pins i need to set is the temp pin which I'm just going to tie to GND and the pin that set the charge current and exactly how to set it using which value resistor...