Simple Mixer circuit

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hi guys ,

I want to build a simple audio mixer circuit with help of TL072 IC's and single power supply (12v dc).

The following is what I want:

Mix two/three(optional) stereo signals into one, and then live out into 3 outputs (1 for amplifier, 2 for plugged-in headphones, 3 for live recording in phone using microphone in).

There are already tutorials to make 3-channel input on internet but they are all single output and, I want 3 outputs.

Also the input of one of my channel output is very low.



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Since you are aware of mixer schematics already, I would pick one and then add on stage(s) to drive the outputs. If you want complete isolation so that if one of the outputs is dead-shorted, the others continue to work unaffected, and you do not need individual output level controls, then simple voltage follower stages will work. Three more dual opamps (one for each stereo output) and very few additional components. Does this sound like it is within your skill set?

Two of your outputs can be handled by normal opamps, but headphone driving is something else. For that output, you might need something with a beefier output stage. What is/are the available power supply voltage(s) ?