Simple Component Identifying Question


Joined Jan 18, 2008
What is the suitable replacement you found?

If you showed more of the schematic, it would help pin the identification down. There is a large number of BMS chips on the market. The ones I have seen have something like this at a minimum:

That is, at least one pin for a status indicator and one for setting the charge current and/or profile (e.g., PROG). Battery neg is also usually considered to be ground. Thus, in the absence of more information, the chip you show has 2 pins attached to ground (IN- , OUT-) and possibly a third one (B-). In other words, the pins labeled OUT+ would seem redundant to B+ as are the pins labeled OUT- and B-.

"B" can also be used to mean bias. That makes me wonder whether the chip could be some sort of amplifier (single) with IN+. IN-, OUT+, OUT- and bias.