Significance of ASCII characters '*' and 'U'

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Interesting question on my assignment that asks what the significance of ASCII characters '*' and capitol 'U' and how they can be useful. We are also asked to use even parity.

* = 10101010 with even parity bit, and;
U = 01010101 with even parity bit.

It seems that these two characters are compliments to each other.
As for usefulness, is this inverted relationship somehow useful for error checking?


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Since 'U' consists of alternating single bit 1's and 0's, it's a handy way to verify baud rate timings. Measure the bit time on a scope, take the reciprocal and there you are. Many 'auto-baud' firmware routines also want you to type a 'U' for the same reason.
I remember 'musical printers' as well as the guys who hung an AM radio near the CPU. Different timing loops made different radiated notes.