Should i use a Full HD Satellite Reciever for Full HD TV ?

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Mohamed Farghaly

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Hi there, i am using one of these out-of-date CRT TVs and iam getting a brand new 50" Full HD TV very soon, currently iam using a satellite receiver that i don't know any of its specs but someone told me that it will work fine with the new tv... what do you think about that ? should i buy a new Full HD satellite receiver too ?

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If you wish to view Full HD movies from any source ( that can play HD movies or program) get a Full HD TV.

And if you wish to view satellite HD programs you need a Sat receiver that supports the HD programs, So I guess you need both to be HD!
A normal receiver will work on HD TV's...No problem


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I went though the same exercise recently. Went from a CRT to a 55 inch led HD smart TV. I had a standard definition satellite receiver that I used for a while with it, until I told DirecTV to take a hike. The difference standard definition and HD on a big screen is huge.


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So are you just doing over-the-air now, or did you go with a different provider?
Yes, we are currently using over the air, Netflix, and Amazon prime. DirecTV prices got way out of budget.

Good Will would not take our old, but fully functional CRT TV, so I sat it on the corner with a sign saying "FREE TV, WORKS GREAT". It was gone in 10 minutes.:)